Stained Glass projects with photovoltaics

Pilar Belmonte

“El Corral de la Tinaja”

Project for a Cultural Center for Environmental Education, with
artistic stained glass windows and photovoltaic cells on the building’s windows.
of the building.

Location: Calle Peñuela, 1 in
Chinchilla -Albacete -Spain

The generated solar energy will be able to supply to the building itself
and to a private house connected to it.

151 cells of 15’6×15’6 cm total
650 kw/h per year

Each window is composed of two superimposed panels, one with the photovoltaic cells and the other with the artistic stained glass, both of which are made up of two panels.


Architecture Studio:

Carolina Podio and
Francisco López Candel

Architect advisor:
Ignacio Lafuente Niño

Stained glass workshop: Peters, Alemania


Graphic Design:  Kimo Gráfico

Renders: Tea Sepa

Photovoltaic Engineering Advisor:
Manuel Ramiro Buitrago

Direction and coordination:
Pilar Belmonte Useros

Skylight Project


(120 photovoltaic cells generate 517 kw h per year)

We are wasting the energy that the sun can provide us in Spain. It is paradoxical that there are buildings in Europe with much less sun that have already been incorporated this system “Art and alternative energy” integrating it into the architecture.

Where is the 1.5% that should be allocated to art in public buildings? Let’s propose windows, skylights, facades, etc. and help to comply with the standard.

Photovoltaic energy is inexhaustible and generates electric light in spaces where it can be located or transported In this XXI century a change in the use of energy is necessary due to pollution on the planet, so I offer proposals with photovoltaic cells that are also aesthetically integrated into the overall architecture, artistic expression and plastic spaces intervened.

Until recently there was a certain rejection to see the repetitive modulated industrial pieces on the facade and finishes of a building, but with the incorporation of art and the joint work of the artist with architects, interior designers or engineers, opens an enormously attractive field that aesthetically can resolve the conflict of the architectural composition.

For years I have been involved in these works, with stained glass windows in civil and religious buildings such as the rose window of the cathedral of Albacete, Carmelite convent, churches, train stations, private homes, etc… These projects will be pioneering in Spain and will allow to see live the energy efficiency and understand its application.