Stained glass windows with photovoltaic panels

Proposals for projects in private or public buildings




In this 21st century where a change in the use of energy is necessary due to the pollution of the planet, we offer proposals with photovoltaic panels that are also aesthetically accepted in architecture, artistic expression and intervened spaces.

Until recently there was a certain rejection to see the repetitive modulated pieces on the facade of a building, for example, but with the incorporation of art and the joint work of the artist with architects or interior designers, an enormously attractive field that aesthetically can solve the conflict of forms is opened.

Through photovoltaics, light is converted into a renewable energy that respects the values of nature. Photovoltaics is therefore a visible symbol of a whole global concept that aims to protect the environment and thus cultivate the living conditions of future generations.

The energy produced is inexhaustible because it is renewable and generates electric light in spaces where it can be placed.

It can be considered that the art of stained glass incorporated to this High Technology provides an Added Value.

We are wasting the energy that the sun can provide us in Spain. It is paradoxical that there are buildings in Europe with much less sun that have already been incorporated this system “Art and alternative energy” integrating it into the architecture. 

Where is the 1% that should be allocated to art in public buildings?  Let’s propose windows, skylights, facades, etc. and help to comply with the standard.

There are grants and subsidies