More than 1.400 images in color!
Photographs made by the author

390 pages

Book bilingual (Spanish-English)
OBSERVATION of Color in Nature
CRITICISM of use of color in man-made environment
Color Theory CONCEPTS
EXPERIENCES and Color Research

Very interesting for those who are into the Art world:

 Criticism, Theory and teaching activities
• Professional activities
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New approach to color, oriented to:

• Professionals and students of culture Design project:
• Ingeniers, Architects, Designers…
 Painters, professionals of the Arts Plastic
 Art & Drama professionals
 Profesors and Teachers in general
 Art curators and critics
 Visual Arts, photographs, etc.
 All persons color sensitive

Book which goes deeply in color perception as a personal enrichment.

Observe and learn to SEE COLOR.


Be guided on a journey of nature observation, that can last a lifetime.

We can use the earth, the water or the light, for example, as observation exercise to understand , appreciate and enjoy everything we see.

In the first part, from photographic images that perpetuate unrepeatable moments, and using selective criteria, it is intended to look each color or light change, in all that surround us.


Can we improve and correct our chromatic environment?.
What are the criteria to get them and do right or wrong?


In the city it operates our visual quality of life. Starting with and learning from the observation and analysis of the colours in nature, we place ourselves in a condition to be able to appreciate and value the relationship of colour and its use in cities and in artificial environments, where mankind plans, constructs and communicates, using colour either consciously or unconsciously. It is obvious that there is a lack of information and selective criteria insofar as the use of colour is concerned, in many political, industrial, cultural, and in general, communication environments.

To sensitize in the face of small details can end up having, large effects and generate better consequences in our daily lives

From this new position it is possible promote and develop criticism criteria and operation decision making not funded sufficiently substantiated in user manuals.



Color Synthesis , perception, contrasts, harmonies, color dimensions…

The vision we set forth is intended to be a complement and a way of seeing color, and not a theory in itself. Even so, we have not considered it would be coherent to leave out a few small minimal notes that are considered to be basic and help in understanding the theses set down on these pages, especially for those readers who up until now have not had access to specialized information and have not been involved in the techniques, technologies and use of color

Also some samples of contrast and harmonie from real life are shown in parallel with exercises done in the classroom, (EASD Valencia).


Playing with, reciting, listening to, seeing and feasting on colors.

In this section, we shall provide a very summarized illustration of the research into color presented using leisure activities which, initiated in the mid 80s in the School of Arts and Crafts of Valencia (today the College of Design), have been evolving and changing up to the 2007-08 academic year, almost 25 years of on colors. playing with, reciting, listening to, seeing and feasting on colors.

Experiences in other European schools are also shown, as well as joint projects with other artistic disciplines, such as Art & Drama

Get it now and get free the notebook NOTES ON COLOR

Sumary of color theory

This notes are a short sumary, in 40 pages, of the theoretical, basic and fundamental contents, taught in the color course at the School of Design in Valencia.


In the book VER EL COLOR Observación crítica / SEEING COLOR A Critical Eye, we can find part of the works and research made at the school.

Pilar  Belmonte Useros
Born in Albacete,Spain in 1952. Lives in Valencia

Doctorate in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid 1992.

Fulbright/Banco Bilbao grant for further studies in USA 1979-81 (first Fulbright Spanish Painter) ..
Master of Art from New York University, New York, en 1981.
Bachelor in Fine Arts from UPV, Valencia.

Professor of Plastic Arts and Design in the College of Art and Design in Valencia 1982-2012. Teaching subject: Color Theory and Practice, for all Design specialities. She also has taught Drawing and Graphic Expression Techniques.

Initiator for the first international programs in the above named College and coordinator during a period of 9 years. Board and Executive Committee member of ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) 96–00.

During the period 1971-2015 she realized a total of 90 exhibitions, individual and group shows, in Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Bilbao, Albacete… London, New York, Paris, Venice, Minneapolis…

Since 1994 until now she is working mainly in stained glass projects in collaboration with several German stained glass workshops

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