A few notes on my work as an artist

I am a painter. An absolute enthusiast of light and color.
My trips from the Mancha to the coast during my childhood and adolescence, for family reasons, marked out a clear influence in my painting. The chromatic changes of nature during each of the seasons of the year have never, since that time, stopped surprising me and producing in me feelings of profound love.

My first works were figurative, with traditional themes, such as landscapes, the human figure, or objects. I worked principally with oil on canvas. During the years of my academic training in the School of Fine Arts (70s), I tried to carry out parallel research, within a romantic surrealism, which brought me to search out other techniques and means of expression such as oil-pastels on paper or acrylics.

In 1979 I began to produce collages with abstract forms, and the forms with acrylic paints, which I had already begun working with, little by little became more simplified and abstract.

My two year stay in New York marked out my professional trajectory definitively. There I continued to incorporate other techniques and variations to my pictorial research, such as silk screen printing and mixed techniques.

The works of the 80s provided the reason and the preamble to my incorporation into stained glass, which together with the installations and transformations of spaces which I carried out during this period, brought my work during the 90s to centre on the relation between light and color in architecture.

I have done a total of 94 painting exhibitions (1971-2015), and from the year 1994 up to the present time, my professional work has been dedicated to contemporary stained glass projects. I have travelled throughout Europe to see firsthand and to obtain information on this subject, and I have tried to transmit my experience and my emotion to architects as well as to my students.

Currently, together with my professional work in the studio, I have continued with my research into color, in all of its aspects of our environment, see the book: VER EL COLOR Observación Crítica/SEEING COLOR A Critical.

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