Anthological Exhibition in the Cloister of Santo Domingo
Chinchilla (Albacete)
April-June 2014

A journey through 52 years of professional life.

Curator of the exhibition:
Román de la Calle

Allow me a chain of metaphors, to refer to the wide and diversified artistic career, vitally sustained by the always restless Pilar Belmonte. Give me the opportunity to affirm that she has been a selective sponge in front of the most complex reality, an essential key when the pedagogical questions of teaching demanded answers and an open look at the unstoppable history of creative strategies and procedures put into practice by contemporary art.

From there, then, derive the numerous and different operative registers that, in this anthological exhibition, have become effective didactic paths to make known the plural facets of his artistic work. But all this has always had its own biographical rhythm. This exhibition tells us essentially about his aesthetic contributions, but it also narrates his relationships with life, with geography, with people, with villages and with memory made into landscape, painting, stained glass, nature, geometry, color, structure and/or shared experience.

In an orderly fashion we can follow -while we visit the cloister, browse through the fold-out or make our own, with interest and without haste, the visual analysis of his works- the story of an intense life, dedicated to creation, teaching and artistic research, without ever ceasing to breathe, in depth and at our side, the air of everyday life.

Román de la Calle
President of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos of Valencia.


Texts in the Catalog and foldout published

Román de la Calle
Carlos Sevilla Corella
Manuel Muñoz Ibáñez
Joaquín Arnau Amo
Juan Ángel Blasco Carrascosa
Rafael Prats Rivelles
Rubí Sanz Gamo
Arturo Tendero